5 Things You Might Not Know About The Nintendo Switch

  1. WLAN

The main device supports an a/b/g/n and most importantly, AC type connection, meaning that it will be able to connect to your 5 gHz wireless router if you own one. This should be able to boost download speeds of games, as well as have better online gaming experiences. This is a feature that the original Playstation 4 model did not have, making download speeds on that machine atrocious.


  1. A Ton of Accessories     

 Scrolling through Amazon I was surprised of how many accessories there were. Here’s one where HORI made a stand for the Switch screen, it’s cool because it is elevated off the surface so that you can easily charge and play. Since the charger is on the bottom it looks like you cannot charge it when the screen is in tabletop mode, so this is an easy solution for only $12.99. There are a ton of different cases for the portable device but the one I found that is the nicest is this one made by RDS Industries. It doesn’t only hold the switch itself, but also has spots for the dock and Joy Con Grip, making it easier to travel with if you need to bring everything with you. Then you also have your fair share of chargers for the Switch and accessories, you also have screen protectors and screen covers. And a bunch of other nifty stuff.


  1. Adapter is needed for Wired connection

Not included built into the dock is a LAN port. This probably doesn’t come to be a surprise for Nintendo fans since the past two Nintendo both required an external dongle to connect via a wired connection. Wired connections are a much more stable way to play and generally boosts speeds of downloads while being connected to it. The main flaw that I’ve seen for this adapter is that it is only USB 2.0, meaning that speeds won’t be as high as a USB 3.0 adapter would have been. Looking at other third party adapters for other products, a USB 2.0 can output 10/100MBps. Which will be generally fine for most people around the world, but it will be upsetting for those with super high speed connections.


  1. External Storage

The Switch can only has 32GB of internal storage, Zelda on its own is 13GB and takes up almost 40% of the systems storage. Thankfully underneath the kickstand there is a micro sd slot hidden. Nintendo has announced that the Switch can support up to 2TB of storage from a micro SD. That is a huge amount of room for a handheld device. Unfortunately no consumer can actually purchase one of these. The cutoff is 256GB for the mainstream consumer but it’s is good to know that in the future upon release of these SD cards, that they will be supported.


  1. Download Play is Back

If you owned a Nintendo 3DS you might be familiar with this feature. Download play is awesome because it lets you play local multiplayer with other devices using only one cartridge. Nintendo has announced that you can have up to eight people play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, all using their own device and using only one cartridge. Also Super Bomberman R will also to have this feature too. Which is great because if you have children who want to play in the same game, you do not have to buy two separate copies. Or even if you wanna play with a friend or some random person you meet at a convention or elsewhere. Although not every game will have this option, it is a cool feature to have nonetheless.