Arrival Movie Review










        • Director has nice portfolio of films
        • Plot has great suspense
        • Acting has a good dynamic.
        • Cinematography is really nice to look at.


        • Pace of a scene is long over drawn.
        • A thinking movie could be bad for the casuals.

        Arrival, a science fiction drama directed by Denis Villeneuve who worked on movies like “Prisoners” and “Sicario“. Denis his movies are very heavy thinking to the point where you have to the movie more than once to get a grasp of what is going on.  Imagine if you were handed puzzles pieces one by one , but instead getting pieces from A-Z you get it in mixed order.  When putting the pieces to the board you are getting a piece of the whole picture but you got to try to rearrange it from A to Z. That is what Arrival throws at you and to casual movie goers that could bore them and be a quick turn off for them. For the avid movie goer who likes a movie to get your brain thinking what each scene means well this movie is for you. 


         So the plot without spoilers is twelve ufo alien spacecrafts land on Earth they land in countries of strong military presence and others that believe in peace.  Dr. Louise Banks (Played by Amy Adams) , she is a linguist who specializes in rare languages. Then you have Ian Donnelly (Played by Jeremy Renner), who is a mathematician and specializes in physics. They are obtained by a Colonel Weber (Played by Forest Whitaker) of the United States Military  because of their careers and knowledge to try and communicate with the aliens.  Louise and Ian with the military help enter the ship to do trials of communication with the aliens. The other nations are in a panic of these ships but also trying to do the same thing that Louise and Ian are trying to do is figure out what their purpose is on Earth. Lets just say there is battle of time that is inflicting with them on trying to communicate with the aliens. There is flash backs of Louise which effects her through out the film that you as the viewer should keep track of because its key parts that make the whole movie.  I thought the plot of the movie was very well put and written that kept us on the edge of our seat but eager to get the questions Louise was trying to get answered.


        The movie was really beautiful to look at in every scene. I thought the play with colors on the screen displayed the moods of the character where every time she was alone by herself it had a dark shade colors very cloudy. When either inside the ship or outside it  had a lighter shade of colors as if there was a light at the end of the tunnel of what they need to achieve. There was really only small irritation I had was long drawn out scene of them going inside the ship for the first time. You are engaged with suspense of this ship being in the shot and wanting to answer the questions on why they are here? or what is their purpose? It just took a long time but, It is on purpose once you get the explanation of why the aliens are here you re run that scene in your head and it makes sense why they drawn out that long walk to the ship. Once you get passed that slow pace things get moving to where you almost get scared of the end and if it will have a sudden end to make you think about what just happened in the movie. Instead the movie gives you all the puzzle pieces you just got to put them in the right order to understand the whole picture. Once you get the whole picture you understand that what Louise knows will she do anything to change it. I thought the acting in this film was great where the dynamic of Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner you got a sense of attachment to them. That they were just not smart people just doing scientific things to get answers with the aliens. That the characters were the focus of this film more than the aliens and ships and honestly that could make a movie bad to some people. I thought it was genius because of the problems that we deal with today of the Anti- Trump protests the morals of the movie would make the perfect solution to our problems. 



        So would I recommend you see this film in theaters? I would say it is definitely a good movie to earn your money at your local theater. So go see Arrival  directed by Denis Villeneuve staring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.