Batman Arkham VR Review

Batman Arkham VR

Batman Arkham VR










          • Good ending


          • Transitions between areas
          • Low replayability
          • Gameplay can be poor at times

          Batman Arkham VR puts the cowl on your face and your body inside the batsuit. Equipped with all the gadgets, you are the Batman. In this 45 minute to an hour experience you will explore the Batcave, investigate crime scenes, escape traps and step inside the troubled mind of Bruce Wayne. All of these seem like a great premise to start with and while it is, there are still some faults held back by the developers, Rocksteady but it’s also held back by the hardware it is on.

          After you make your entrance into the Batcave you are told by Alfred that Nightwing and Robin are missing and it is your job to find them. When you are inside the Batcave you can do an array of different things. Most of which are in previous games but only found through the pause menu. You can look at a bunch of different vehicles and rotate them on an X and Y axis, done by two different levers. You start out with the Batmobile as well as the Batwing and later on you can unlock more. Another area you can look at is the BatComputer, where you can see the bios of all the characters inside of the game and have them stand in front of you in three different stances. There is also a tape that you can play to find more about the character. Just like the vehicles, you can unlock more the more you play. You can listen to transmissions from the city of Gotham and you can also play a mini game where you throw batarangs at targets. My favorite thing you can do in the batcave is that you can move the spotlight all around the cave which is pretty cool. To move around the batcave and throughout most of the game, you use your grappling hook and when you use it the camera fades to black and you are put in a different area. It would have been cool to move on along to the grappling hook, I imagine the reason they did this was to prevent some people from getting motion sickness but there should at least be a feature to turn it on or off. When you want to move on to the next area you get to choose what vehicle you want to use to leave the Batcave. After it puts you through that you go inside of it and the screen goes black, just like the grappling hook, while the next area loads. Rather than letting us get a cockpit view of the Batwing or the driver seat of the Batmobile, we get a black screen with the engines revving. It would have been a great experience if we were at least let us inside of the vehicle. But when you leave the Batcave you go to an investigation scene where one of your friends are dead and you have to find out how it happened. In this section you make use of your scanner to move forward and back while the tape replays. If you have played past Arkham games you will know exactly what to do, and if not then it’ll walk you through it. Close to the end is where it gets really interesting. Rocksteady always has superb parts in which they play inside the mind of Bruce Wayne, and this game is no different. Unfortunately when it ends you are just wanting more, the experience is well to short lived.

          The gameplay for this can be quite annoying at times, and the main reason is due to the hardware. There are some instances where you hold your hands up to your face to do something and the lights from both your headset and controllers confuse the camera and messes up the tracking. This will make your hands move sporadically and sometimes make your face move around. If you get motion sickness easily then that experience will not be fun. You can play this game both seated and standing. For the seated section you use the circle, X, triangle and square buttons to move around your head 360 degrees. Also when you play seated, items in the game are a lot tougher to reach. Playing seated is not the ideal way to play. You will have a much greater experience while standing.

          There is very little to do in Batman Arkham VR and at the end you can look for Riddler Trophies, which are just collectibles. These are thrown in for all the Arkham games for “replayability” but they are just not fun to do. This game in the end is just a tech demo that costs $20. If you have a PSVR and you love Batman, then get it. If you aren’t then you should pass on it because there won’t be much in store for you.