Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1



    Single Player





        • Captures the tone of World War 1 excellent.
        • Presentation amazingly good.
        • Balance of battlefield with the technology of the era.
        • Different journey of war.


        • Storytelling short bare boned.
        • Repetitive game play making chapters predictable.


        In a time where first person shooters are riding the future and modern themed games. Battlefield 1 decided to take a step backwards but many strides forward, by dabbling in a time period where war was brutal. No it is not Vietnam no….No it  is not World War 2, its the war that was suppose to end all wars World War 1. But Joe , how can you make trench warfare and crappy guns into a fun game to play. Well EA and Dice find a way, people don’t know that WW1 introduced more styles of warfare besides trench warfare. You had brutal styles like tank , air , and gas warfare you could say it was the prologue of more wars in the future.  Now you don’t have to be a history nut in order to like this game it doesn’t leave you dumb for not knowing who were on the allied or central powers. Or how the war started from a powder keg of problems but was sparked by the assassination of  Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of Austria-Hungary.  What this game does to show you is the horror of WW1 and the tone of the war. I never played a war game where I was actually terrified and more focused just to survive my mission either in single player or online.  Pure chaos and death surrounds you in this war, and it is amazing just seeing it unfold on your TV screen.  Hearing the screams of your opponents in the trenches or running across “No Mans Land” braces you for impact of the hurt that is incoming towards your direction. So EA Dice how does this game live up to the franchise by going back in time, how will it tell the story of the war and how can you kill your friends in the trenches online. Lets find out:


        So with a war which had over 38 million people dead that is including military and civilians. How do you tell a story of one man or infantry going through this horror of warfare but a tale of heroism. Scratch that how about you tell multiple stories of heroism in this war that ends all wars. The single player splits up into six chapters of six stories called war stories. The introduction just making you have anxiety of war getting shoved down your throat. You play a taste of what will be given to you in the upcoming chapters of stories. What was unique of the introduction aka tutorial of the game is when you died you just picked up another character and his position on the front line.  So lets say you are John Carter charging the trenches to fight the Jerries(Germans) and you get shot in the face. You switch to Jason Smith from a different part of the trench and carry on that fight. The sad part this mechanic is only for the introduction chapter of the war stories, I think it would have been cool if they did that through out the game. So in the chapters you get a taste of all the styles of this war you do a mission from tanks , to an Italian solider wearing the prototype Iron Man suite with a heavy machine gun,  Trenches with deadly gases , air combat , and much more. Now the stories in my opinions are not really satisfying because you don’t get time to know these characters. But imagine yourself as a solider right next to these characters just passing by them during the war and just witnessing those minutes of heroism. That is the only analogy I can think of when thinking about these characters you are playing. I just wish we had more time to feel for these characters , instead you got that over the top I am a solider and I must get through this hell and you become a hero. What I really liked in one of these chapters is involving non military personal being a hero during this war, that is all I will say so you can experience for yourself. Like I said before you don’t have to be a history buff to understand what is going on at the end of each chapter they give you a short history lesson.  With the tone being the focus of experiencing this war, the repetitive woes kind of taint the single player of this game. You practically predict in the future chapters on when things will reach its climax in the battle and go into villages recovering mission objectives which in my opinion slow down the game. I would have been fine with just breaking through the enemies line and just gaining ground. With a bare bone story mode there was no room for objectives that were just going to get recycled with different mission objectives.  Dice still showing that single player story telling is not their focus point of the game but it does show some promise for future games. The scarce story telling and repetitive play was a down fall , but the tone and history lessons give you an idea what these soldiers went through in this horrific war.


        So Joe, again can you tell me why a war which has crappy guns and vehicles will be a great online game? To tell you the truth I was skeptical when this game was announced, I questioned how will they take bolt action rifles and primitive machine guns and make it doable. The answer is they just can, they take the tone and the atmosphere and they just throw shit at you. Where you have to rely on team work and being aware of your surroundings. I was on a map where I had to capture a flag in conquest and I was hiding behind the banister to do pop shots for my accuracy. This game is not your pray and spray type of a game. You have to rely on iron sides or crappy scopes for your snipers and I believe that balances out the battlefield for everyone. For the hardcore online players and the noobs that do not know how to out strategic your opponent. With the balancing of the online portion of the game I think it makes it more fun because it makes you gather with your teammates to combine fire power. At times it felt like a swarm of bees attacking my opponents when they get bombarded by my squadron. So anything earth shattering when you log onto Battlefield 1 multiplayer? You played one Battlefield online game you played them all nothing has changed. You have your classes like assault , support, medic , scout/recon , and pilot or tanker. There are nine maps you get to play online which looks like they recycled from the single player.  And with these big maps of battlefields you get to use vehicles in this game you get jeeps , tanks , horses , zeppelins , airplanes , and much more.  Game modes like Conquest , Rush , and Team Death match are familiar when you turn on this game. Two new modes gives the online a kick of turbo just like your morning coffee. You have War Pigeon which has the  shares some fundamentals with Capture The Flag, where the bird serves as the flag. The challenge comes in finding a safe place to write a message for the bird to deliver, releasing the pigeon outdoors, and ensuring it doesn’t get shot down.  Then you have Operations, where it literally combines all the modes into one big battle. You play attacker and defender of the battlefield that can be the size of a football field. Your goal is to pretty much conquer that battle zone and make sure your enemy doesn’t own any of the sections of the battlefield. It is really addicting to the point you lose track of time because so much is going on. If you are not into single player I commend you to play Operations because it mimics the tone what World War 1 really is. This game mode really throws shit at you where you panic on what path you take so you don’t get sniped or blown up by artillery fire. With the theme of the war and two new game modes, there is no wow factor of playing online because it is just simply another battlefield online game.


        How does the presentation of the game stand for this game? Now when I look at presentation I look at the graphics , sound , and controls of the game. It is pretty much the glue what holds the game together or the oil that makes the game run. So graphically it looks freaking amazing , by looking at these screen shots it has a dark beauty to it. With the dark tones of war but beautiful environment like the sunrise over the beaten battlefield. The models of the characters looks genuinely like people, they don’t have odd body parts for example don’t have a body builder model like gears of war. And the facial expressions capture the emotions of the character where you can see the terror in his face. Sound is where I applaud them because from the music where it kept my Adrenalin going it made me feel like a hero when I broke through the enemy lines. The atmosphere of the sound is where it made me terrified strolling through the battlefield, where I could be killing jerries. And out of no where you hear motors flying in and whistles of infantry charging in your direction. Where at times I would be confused on what path I should take because I would be scared of dying in a video game. Controls are always perfect in this game , from shooting to riding vehicles you could just pick up your controller and have no hesitation on learning the controls easily. Flying airplanes is actually a no brainier and you kind of fly like maverick from “Top Gun” right out the hanger (you see what i did there?) well obviously without the jet planes. So if I had to say the presentation of the game is a perfect 10! 


        So to recap on what I think about Battlefield 1 by EA DICE. The game made a good move by going in a direction no first person shooter hasn’t explored in a lot. I think the presentation of the game was phenomenal with gorgeous visuals, terrifyingly good sound , and pick up as you go controls makes the game well oiled machine. It does have its downfall in its single player department of bare bone story telling and repetitive game play. But it gets balanced out with their “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken” multiplayer formula and gets upgrades of game modes like Operations and War pigeons. The game is a step up from its horrible Battlefield 4 spin off of Hardline, and in my opinion is the studios best game in the franchise since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I hope to see a trend in other franchises to dabble in World War 1 era or go into other wars to make things different around here.