Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare



    Single Player





        • Single Player very movie quality
        • Controls are fluid
        • Graphics are Godly amazing
        • Multiplayer sticking to winning formula
        • Voice acting top notch


        • Too much Jackal side missions
        • Repetitive AI soldiers piling up being annoying.
        • Mild Frame rate issues.

        Call of Duty franchise has gone a long way from the past of World War 2, to the modern middle eastern combat, to the near future of technology and mercenaries, and now the distant future of intergalactic warfare.  When this game was announced it got so much hate that fans were sick of the futuristic first person shooters, they wanted things to either stay with modern warfare or go back and hit up other wars in the past.  No Activision and Infinity Ward stayed on their war path of being in the future having lazer guns, mechs , cool hover futuristic jet planes , and robots. It became a Team Battlefield vs Team Call of Duty because EA changed their shooter to a World War 1 theme. Now when I think of Call of Duty games these days, I think man can’t wait to jump in some online lobbies and hours on top of hours of zombie mode. I was part of Team Battlefield and still am, but after E3 and when single player trailers were coming out my interest in the single player of Call of Duty was growing. I was seeing shades of battlestar galactica type ships, mechs from chromehounds , wall riding like in titanfall , and more top notch actors like Claudia Black and Kit Harington (A.K.A Jon freaking Snow). I started to have some hope in the game where the multiplayer will always be the same but when you have a promising single player, you will have a decent game. But does Call of Duty Infinite Warfare live up to the hyped up story mode trailers and videos or will this just be another Call of Duty Game.


        I am going to be ballsy and talk about the multiplayer first because what can I say nothing surprising about the multiplayer. It is your typical call of duty shooter with some new interior designs and new paint.  What was great about Call of Duty 2 , 3 , 4 and the black ops series is that each game and each developer had their own spin on things. Where if you play Call of Duty 2 and 4 it was your traditional shooter you pick a mode and a load out and you raised hell. Yeah it had its kill streaks and customization but it wasn’t a focus, around black ops and advanced warfare a formula starts to form where the cosmetics is almost a staple in the multiplayer.  When you log in a cut scene plays where your JTF Wolverines commander is giving you a quick summary on what you need to do. You choose your rig almost like your specialists, where each rig has its own perks almost like hitting that ult in Overwatch. From there you are like you never left Black Ops 3 , its like you were on vacation because your house is getting renovated. And you come back and new cabinets in the kitchen, new furniture , and new paint and wallpaper but it is still the same home you left. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare you have your same game modes you played in every game except two new game modes. Frontline, where you always spawn at your base and you have to kill the opposing team so old school team death match. Defender, is the other game mode where it is technically like halo oddball but in call of duty you capture a drone and upload it to get points. What I like about the multiplayer is the unique levels there is up to 12 maps in the game. It take some battlegrounds from the single player where it could be on earth in the streets of a town or in a space station in anti gravity playing field. It just feels so awesome just jumping around like you are Neil Armstrong jumping on the moon but with a M4 shooting rebels. Also in this game like other recent call of dutys you can change factions and represent them online in the global war. The weapons are very cool too with the old school feel of the M4 or the P90 but with some upgrades of lazer guns. You can have many attachments , perks , camos , and much more to keep your pimp my load out to top notch. When you get into a match it is going to feel like every Call of Duty game you played it is going to feel like you never left Black Ops 3 and that truly is not a bad thing.  Now Zombies in Spaceland, you can’t have a call of duty without its zombie mode.  So quick story Wyler’s voiced by Paul Reubens (best known as Pee-wee Herman) he is a evil director who wants to make an amazing movie. You guessed it right its a zombie movie called Zombies in Spaceland and he get these typical teens to do an audition but sucks them into a dimension of actually living in this world. Now imagine this movie Zombie Land meets Killer Clowns in space that is the movie he wants to make. Now the game play is the same each wave called “scenes” zombies are trying to break in your closed off section and you have to survive each scene. With each scene you are gathering tickets to unlock powers , guns , and etc. Just your typical zombie mode, but it will always be refreshing because of the small story they put into it.


        Single player is where I think the game really shines and shows off that it can still stick with the other games with strong story modes.  So long story short in the very distant future Earth is lacking resources, so they go colonize on other planets and moons. During difficult times when you put certain groups on their own they tend to get a little hostile and begin a militia group called the Settlement Defense Front.  Now the SDF is a vicious barbaric group who is lead by Admiral Salen Kotch (A.K.A Jon Snow A.K.A Kit Harington). They first do blockades and things to irritate the UNSA which is the good guys in the game its all the nations as one trying to survive. So what the SDF does that is vicious they do a surprise attack on Earth murdering military and civilians and just crippling the UNSA on Earth. Where they have to send a small army to attack the SDF just to hold them off until they rebuild. So you play as Nick Reyes and he is the Captain Kirk of the Call of duty, he is a grunt solider Lieutenant to commander of a ship in a matter of minutes. The goal and end game of the single player is to eliminate and crush the SDF, just a simple we are going to get rid of you like a bug. I will say the story keeps you engage to the point you start rooting for characters , you start getting attached to characters , and there is omg moments to just wants you to keep going. The voice acting in this story  is just awesome you have Kit Harington , Jeffrey Nordling, Claudia Black , Brian Bloom , and many more. Just top notch acting if they wanted to they could probably make a CG movie like they did with Final Fantasy or the Matrix Anime. The character that I got attached to is Ethan played by Jeffrey Nordling he is the TARS(From Interstellar) of call of duty. He is a robot solider who you would think would be a typical robot voiced character just being your companion. No this robot had a personality, he cracked a lot of good one liners and he cared about his captain even though he was programmed to do that. But Nick Reyes and Ethan were literally brothers on the battlefield and it was awesome to see that relationship. Three things I liked about the single player first , picking missions like mass effect on a map on the bridge. Where it showed the solar system and each planet had a mission if it was a side jackal mission or main mission. That made the game almost feel like it was an open world but still had a main path to stick on and that was awesome. Two , the anti gravity missions or space walking into a battlefield was the best freaking missions to play in where you floating in space latching on to asteroids for cover it just felt awesome. Third , jackal missions is the only missions I liked playing I don’t know what infinity ward did but this is the easiest vehicle driving in space or air and that made it fun. Where you fought sdf fighters and take down destroyers was so satisfying and it just felt different can’t really compare it to another game. Now what I didn’t like about the single player is the non stop enemies appearing out of nowhere to the point where I got bored playing missions on the ground it just takes the fun out of it. Another hate and even though I loved playing the jackal missions but there was toooo much jackal missions and repetitive too. Nothing was unique about the missions or a purpose and it was just over saturated to the point I was like , Ok can we get back on track with the story.  And last thing I hated was the enemies when playing ground missions you couldn’t identify who was friendly or enemy until you were point blank to the point I got killed a lot because of it. Other than that I believe this was the strongest part of the game, yes the story was the strongest part of a Call of Duty game.


        Now the presentation of the game is where I talk about the controls , sound , and graphics of the game. Lets start off with the controls , with every call of duty game having the same map of controls there is literally no difference.  Even in the jackal you have your left trigger to aim and your right trigger to shoot and you fly just like how you walk in the game. Controls are very fluid to the point it makes the game playable and when its playable it is fun. Now sound, explosions, music , and voice acting everything is perfect to if it was a sandwich I would make a sound sandwich with the works and eat it like a champ. But the sound of some guns I feel like it has its hit or misses and that is the lazer gun sounds its to cheesy scifi I wish it had a more realistic sound. I can’t describe it but I do not want it to sound like blasters from Star Wars. Now last but not least the graphics, Oh my GOD it is so beautiful from environments , solar system , models of the characters , and just everything. If you have a 4k tv and are getting the PS4 pro, it will blow your minds 10 times over. I was playing on a regular 1080p HDTV and I had to stop in some areas to soak in the views or the people in general just an amazing job. The game does have some frame rate issues but it doesn’t really show that often only when AI is piling up and when a million grenades are going off. The only bug I saw is when Anthony my brother was playing he got up to a part where the hud was bugged to the point where you couldn’t see because fuzzy grains were blocking his view. The bug went away after a cut scene happened but it was weird when it happened hopefully there ain’t more.



        So Call of Duty Infinite Warfare being the underdog compared to Battlefield 1. Multiplayer having nothing new to show case where things are the same. But when you have a successful multiplayer don’t fix nothing that ain’t broken. Single Player catching my eye with great story , great visuals , great acting , and new game play. But also having repetition battles in space and on the ground can make things a little boring. When you want to make your games be a little more open make side missions have its own unique stories and don’t just put a lot of the same missions to over saturate and deviate from the main story. Presentation is almost flawless but with a little hiccups of frame rate issues and one bug but overall still an amazing game to control , hear , and look at. So overall I was really surprised by this game because of the elements of the single player. I hope they make more single player games that have the same elements of what this game had but learn from its mistakes. But I do wish they steer away from the future and go back in the past or present time.