Disc Jam is AWESOME

Disc Jam is a game developed by High Horse Entertainment and I believe that they have something special on their hands. The team at High Horse consists of two veterans of the industry, Jay Mattis and Timothy Rapp. Both of which have worked on AAA games such as the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero series.

In Disc Jam you can throw discs strategically against the wall in the hopes of fooling your opponent, similar to air hockey but on steroids. There also some tennis vibes in the game as well. You are separated from your opposition with a net and if they cannot volley your throw, you end up with points. It’s also similar to the likes of Wind Jammers, but in Disc Jam you are in a vibrant 3D arena with the camera placed above and behind your character. This gives you a perfect angle to anticipate where the disc is going to end up.

You can play this in either singles if you want to rely only on yourself with some nice paced action, or you can play doubles where you can enjoy the craziness with a friend. Disc Jam is easily accessible by most but will be hard to master. Since the gameplay is so fast paced you need good reaction timing and a fast thought process. The quicker you let go of the disc, the more velocity you can have on a throw. Using the left stick you can add a curve onto your throw forcing the disc into a nice curving trajectory or a zig zag off the wall. You can also give your opponent a whirl by just lobbing the disc in the air forcing them to get to the disc with a slide or watching them blow up a foot away from the disc landing.

Oh yeah – that’s another thing, when the disc lands or goes into a goal the disc blows up and makes your enemy go flying.

You can also counter a lob by using your super. When these are activated you can throw the disc at insane speeds, leaving a fiery trail behind it.

After matches you gain a currency named “J” and with this you can unlock items from the prize machine, kind of similar to a loot box from Overwatch. In these prize machines you can unlock skins, taunts, victory poses and even more to attribute to your character cosmetically. In the beta there are only three characters as of writing this article.

I’ve only scratched the surface of Disc Jam but it seems like it carries a heap of depth to it that I cannot wait to dig into more. Disc Jam has the potential to be a phenomenon just like Rocket League was and still is. Every game I finish I have that “one more match” feeling that not many games nowadays brings me. I’m going to play the hell out of this beta because it is just so much fun. Disc Jam is a pleasant surprise and it comes out in Q1 of 2017 on the PC and PlayStation 4.