Do NOT buy the Mini NES Classic from Third Party Sellers!

On November 11th Nintendo released a Mini NES that contains 30 games for the price of only $60. As Nintendo usually does, they create a scarcity of product on purpose for a higher demand of their product. We’ve seen this with the Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL early last year, as well as Amiibo too. Soon after those released they were put up on eBay by resellers for obscene amounts of money that no one should ever have to spend. Later on Nintendo restocked these items and they were much easier to hunt down. 

The Mini NES Classic is now on eBay going for hundreds and thousands of dollars. You can buy the original Nintendo along with all of the games in the package for maybe the same price, if not less. But do not fear, Nintendo will be restocking it!

Nintendo put out these series of tweets:

The NES has been released for over thirty years now, a lot of the games are available on the Nintendo eshop and you cam buy a remote separately and connect it to your Wii controller. Just wait for it to be restocked, there is no point in wasting your money when the item is selling more than 1000% of it’s original value. Just be patient!