Gamestop will be Gamestop

Back in early January when Nintendo announced more details about the Nintendo Switch, pre-orders went online and sold out within a few hours at some retailers and minutes at others. Demand is extremely high for Nintendo’s upcoming console/handheld hybrid, so much so that Gamestop is finding new ways to sell pre-orders to their customers.

Last night Gamestop sent out emails to their customers stating the following, “guests can now come into their local store for the chance to pre-order one of 1,000 Lucky guests will be selected at random to pre-order a Nintendo Switch”. And as expected there were Nintendo fans lining up early to have the opportunity to get theirs pre-ordered. Maybe after all of the flack they’ve been getting recently they could possibly redeem themselves and perhaps please some of their customers? Well, it’s not that easy.

Some people took their stories to reddit this morning concerning their experiences. Reddit user, TinCapMalContent, states “I walked into my local GameStop to see if I could be randomly selected for one of the 1000 randomly available pre-orders they advertised, but the only employee there didn’t know anything about it.”. Another user, UrPokemon, waited outside a store for two hours only to find out that the employees did not know anything about it, they only knew the email existed and nothing else. He drive to another store 30 minutes away and got the same response. A user, FearlessFalcon, called four Gamestop’s and they all didn’t receive one either.

KayShyGuy3, another Reddit user had a manager clarify how this situation actually works. The manager said “they don’t choose random people that happen to be in stores today, he said people signed up for the Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Notifications will get an e-mail saying they win a Nintendo Switch reservation.”

If anyone was planning on going to a Gamestop today to have a shot at a pre-order, then it’s best you don’t waste your time.

Personally I feel bad for the employees at the retail stores because they found out about this promotion the same time we all did. Gamestop’s corporate folks need to communicate these kinds of things better to their retail store employees.

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  1. Well… I was one of the many to get the email and yes I ran to gamestop the next morning. Only to find out that I had to make a purchase to even consider being one of the lucky 1,000 to get randomly selected through email to win a Nintendo Switch reservation. It’s truly sad how GameStop are continously pulling our legs. I will not spend one red Cent with GameStop!!!

  2. As a sga for a gamestop that got one of the switch pre orders i can safely say not all stores got a pre orders especially since theres more than 1000 stores nationwide the stores that did get the pre order didnt find out till they sent out the email at about 4ish and there was no purchase necessary the pre order was a sku that would cost a penny that the customer wouldn’t be charged. At this point if your gonna keep bashing gamestop employees be truthful and use logic not random reddit complaints

    1. Gamestop has been and will always be a place that doesn’t offer a great experience and that’s no secret. I do not need Reddit posts to prove that. It’s not the retail employees fault at all. I personally know plenty of Gamestop retail employees and they are good people and don’t deserve the flack they get. It’s not their fault most of the time, they do not create the company’s policies. With the future of Gamestop dwindling down, it is clear that at a corporate level, desperation is peaking and there needs to be change.

      1. I have to agree with my colleague. Far be it for me to defend some of the policies that GameStop has implemented recently, but in this instance you are wrong. It is the employee’s fault for not being informed. There was an email sent the day before the emails were sent out to customers. If the employees were not keeping up with their emails, it’s not the company’s fault.

    2. Agreed. I’m an asl and I can say please be more informed. The reason it was kept on the hush hush is because the company didn’t want to create false hope for guests. It was a truly random selection the company did. My store wasn’t one selected but there are over 2000 stores in the US that could’ve been picked.

  3. Why don’t u just wait to get it . So ridiculous is the rush to get these consoles . They’ll be plenty available a few months after they come out . Lol…. people are so stupid .

    1. Idk nintendo has always been notorious for releasing a set amount of new items and accessories. So I don’t think you’re gonna be able to just walk into any retailer and grab one in August lol

  4. Wow!! The gamestop I went to for this, the guy had to go ask a manager about it. In the end, I got selected!! I got a switch out of this!!

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