George Lucas not involved in Indy 5

With the announcement of Indiana Jones 5 which is suppose to hit theaters July 19,2019. Tons of details emerged with Harrison Ford giving a nod he is making a return at the age of seventy three years old. Steven Spielberg which is directing another Indy film , and promising he is not killing off Indy. John Williams is also returning back confirmed by Spielberg .Williams of course, is also known for his work on all the films in the Star Wars series, including The Force Awakens, among many other Hollywood classics. Also other big news is David Koepp will be writing Indiana Jones 5 , he worked with Spielberg on a number of other films, including the original Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds. But the big news from Collider’s interview with David Koepp , is George Lucas not having its hands in the new Indy film. Spielberg subsequently said Lucas would serve as an executive producer on the film, but  Koepp quoted on collider:

“He’s not, to my knowledge. I’ve had no contact with him.”



Now with the speculations of Koepp, I think it is good news that Lucas is not having a hand in the next Indy film. Just look at the success of Star Wars: The force awakens, it turned out fine without Lucas adding his vision of what character development is. I will give credit where credit is due he was there from the start of these two franchises and they were great when they first came out. But there is a time where you have to retire or pass the torch, and I think he finally gets the picture. I just hope that Indiana Jones 5 will not be a big disappointment like Crystal Skull, with Lucas out of the equation time will only tell.