I Miss Creativity In Movies

We live in a time where super heroes and action films overshadowing creativity of innovating directing and writing of hidden gems. The one movie that comes to mind to mind that did get recognition with oscars, but if you ask your average Joe they don’t have a clue what this movie is. This movie is “Room” which stars Brie Larson and indie movie director Lenny Abrahamson . I heard about this movie after it got nominations and winning Oscars, where I had to see what the hype was about. I was blown away not just about the story but how it was shot and how it made me feel about the characters. It made me feel like I was locked away in the room with them and building that bond of surviving and plotting to escape. Dreaming about what it is like outside this room and how wonderful it will feel when I get freedom. It was innovating with the writing because it wasn’t generic, it didn’t have that cliche action scene to bait in a trailer. It felt really real it felt genuine and the movie took many risks which is not consumed by the mass casual movie goers. Your casual movie goers I feel that they expect to have non stop action, your typical Michael Bay movie que explosions, fart jokes , and sex appeal and boom the perfect movie for casual fans. I remember when movies in 80s and 90s you had a vast collection of movies to decide between any genre. Yeah you have the typical action movies but you also had action movies which overall was a good all around movie like Top Gun or Red Dawn. You have movies that make you think and research it by re watching to catch what you missed like movies like Donnie Darko or Sixth Sense. Now nerd culture has conquered the big screen when you have movies like Avengers Infinity War , Justice League , Spiderman Home Coming , and hundreds of more DC and Marvel films.  It is kind of like Youtube and Twitch , where it is over saturated with these nerd culture movies. Where indie and different movies do not get noticed until Oscar season and when the movie is already out on blu ray or stream sites.

Red Dawn 1984

New Punisher TV Show starring Jon Bernthal

Now do I think that nerd culture should be eliminated from the movies and culture in general ? That answer is a quick no , but I do think we need to regulate what needs a movie and what needs to be a TV show.  Before the Avenger movies came out they did introduce the founders of the team , like Iron Man , Captain America , Hulk , and Thor. All these one shots were like the origin story for the Avengers team and Marvel knows how to setup there time line of stories of super hero movies. Each phase of Marvel movies there were expansions of members to the teams so you got the Ant Man , Guardians of the Galaxy , and Dr Strange movies.  And on top of that you have Marvel TV shows which include Daredevil , Punisher , Luke Cage , Jessica Jones , and Iron Fist. DC has a slew of movies and TV shows which go with their beloved super heroes like Batman and Superman. But the problem with DC is there is a lot of hit or miss movies. Where you have a gem like the whole Dark Knight Series and you have a shit fest like Batman V Superman. Marvel just does it right and will always succeed because how they led us fans with breadcrumbs and pay us off big time when the movies comes out. But how I would moderate this crave for the future is blending super heroes in the shows that are already made where you can have team ups like Spiderman and Daredevil beating up goons in Hells Kitchen. Or have Iron Man/Tony Stark having a battle with The Punisher on how he is dealing with Frank Castle murdering villains instead of taking them off the street the lawful way. How you would get people to the big screen is having big events where it involves a handful or most of the heroes like Infinity War or Civil War. With stream sites like Amazon and Netflix you could go into depth with so much story from the comics you can cover moments panel for panel and put a smile on comic book readers. On DC side I would totally reboot everything again and start from TV shows utilize the stream sites and build strong story telling and get to a point where they all have to form to beat the big villain on the big screen. I think it would be great to have a live Batman and Superman show where it gives mid tier actors to shine on the tv and big screen. I think it would be very creative and it would make people say after they see the movie , “Man I can’t wait to see what happens next season of this super hero tv show” Because a certain event changes some of the heroes in a big way like when Tony Stark was traumatized after the first Avengers movie , imagine we got to see how he coped after the battle in a tv show format.


New movie from M. Night Shyamalan “Split” starring James McAvoy

Enough of nerd culture , with my moderation of the super hero genre I think it would gain some exposure because they can get there fix of super heroes at home. That maybe they can expand their horizons of good sci-fi , mystery , comedy , horror and etc. I want to experience movies where it puts me in the movie like I am following what the characters in the movie are doing. I want movies where it makes me feel so many emotions where I can cheer , cry , and laugh for the scenes in the movie. I want movies where I do not predict what is going to happen , where it makes me want to watch it again and again because you don’t want to miss anything. Also on how the director shoots the movie too , there are movies like you are an observer or gives these wide shots so something happening in the background can be foreshadowing of what is going to happen later on. I just want more of that and that will be my goal for 2017 on Down Right Network. I want to expose some content that is beyond nerd culture and open your eyes on creativity. So I will be doing content where I review new movies that is not a super hero movie. Every Sunday I will be releasing a written or video or both format of hidden gems of the stream sites. That series will be called Sunday Secret Stash where I grade movies/TV shows I watch over the weekend. And I have more ideas in my head that I need to plan more but I wanted to get more creativity in our culture rather than an easy money grab of nerd culture.