Imagine Feeling This Feature on The Switch

With two weeks away from the launch of the Nintendo Switch excitement and concern is swirling in the air. People can not wait to play Zelda Breath of The Wild on the go or taking their console to a friends house to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.  With tabletop mode , tv mode , and handheld mode is really good ideas of switching on the fly to play your games. But one part of the system I want to focus on is the joy con controllers, and not just how again its motion sensor or how it can sense what your hand movements of playing rock, paper, scissors. The one feature I want to focus on is the “HD Rumble” where in the reveal of the Switch, Nintendo showed how you can feel a cup filled with ice cubes and water. But not only feeling it but knowing how many ice cubes are in the cup and feeling the water being poured into the cup with the ice cubes clinking the cup. People laughed it off and put this feature in the back burner because I will admit it was out of left field and a funny presentation of it. But the feature was a demo for game developers to run with this idea.

Imagine playing Mario Kart and you feel the difference of your kart riding on the road or off road. Where it has a noticeable feel where its smooth on the road versus the roughness of driving on dirt or grass. Or when you collect items and through the joy cons you can feel how many items you are holding without looking on your hud. Imagine playing Cooking Mama and cutting onions you can feel impacting the onion and feeling the knife being half way through the onion. Imagine future Resident Evils where you do a puzzle where in a box there is a key and you had to use the HD Rumble to feel your way through the box to get the key. Or after finding out in Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers there will be a first person hadouken, I hope I can feel the hadouken building up where I feel it powering up and releasing from my hands. And final example of feeling in first person shooters of feeling the difference of your gun feeling heavy with bullets when firing it or vice versa of feeling your gun light running out of bullets.  There is so much possibility with HD Rumble where it won’t change the horizon of gaming but it would be a refreshing and a neat feature. So when you turn on your switch just give a little nod to this feature because I think it will be very noticeable especially for first party games.