Is Modern Warfare Remastered already dying?


Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered was released alongside the release of Infinity Ward’s newest game, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare only about a week ago. Playing the multiplayer certainly brings back some nostalgia from a shooter that revolutionized the first person genre. While everything seems awesome in terms of gameplay and the overall feel of the game, the player base is quickly shrinking it seems. In the menus before starting a match, each game mode has a percentage in which let’s you know how much of the concurrent players playing are in which playlist. Since the games release Team Deathmatch and Domination outweigh the other game modes by a landslide. On the PlayStation 4, finding a full game of players is getting more and more difficult to find, even on the modes that have the higher player base. Even if the game starts full and players leave, the game struggles to bring players to refill those spots to even out the teams. On the Xbox One, it seems a little bit easier to find full games but at some points I still come across the same problem. Then finally on Steam, the player base is even more of a disaster.  has that the highest peak that the multiplayer has reached has been only 6,075. This may be due to the alienation of having two different versions of the game since it is available through the Windows store as well and they both have separate servers. That being said, Call of Duty sales seem to be down 50% at least through UK retail sales compared to the sales of last years game, Call of Duty: Black Ops III. 

Personally I love the first two Modern Warfare’s and would love to see Activision sell the remaster separately so more people can populate the servers, because it’s been nine years since it’s original release and it is still a ton of fun. Although it makes me wonder if because of such a rampant drop off of players and day one sales, if they will consider making a remaster for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Perhaps releasing two games at once was a mistake for them and maybe they should have waited six months then they can release two games a year at different times. A plethora of players only play the game for the first few days or so then they drop off so maybe this approach would have been better. I think they didn’t have faith in Infinite Warfare so they wanted to force people to buy Infinite Warfare if they wanted Modern Warfare Remastered. We will find out more information when the NPD of November is released sometime next month to see where these games charted.

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