Job Simulator (PSVR) Review

Job Simulator

Job Simulator



    Fun Factor





        • Humor
        • Immersion is good


        • Tracking faulty at times

        Job Simulator puts you deep into the future where robots have overtaken the human population and you are put into four considered obsolete jobs that were prevalent during the human days. In this few hour experience you will have a good laugh, interact with the environment surrounding you and play with different elements. With slight tracking problems, does it ruin the experience?

        There are four different jobs you are able to do. One job is a store clerk, where you deal with all different types of customers in a 7-11 or Wawa type of store. You’ll find yourself making hot dogs, slushies, et cetera while dealing with stereotypical characters. Meaning you’ll have your overly nice old woman, douchey businessman and even the dramaticized pothead. Another is the car mechanic job, where you fix cars in different goofy ways. This particular section dragged on for me. You fix and spruce up over 15 different cars, after awhile the tasks assign to you start overlapping. There’s some points where you are replacing tires and when you get too low to the ground, the tracking either doesn’t see your hands at all or your hands move sporadically. You can at least be creative when it comes to repairing, at times it’ll let you choose anything you want to complete the task. Another job is the office job, where you are in a cubicle doing different human tasks while flying up the corporate ladder. In this you’ll end up making presentations, forced into awkward coworker conversations and will let you manipulate everything inside of your cubicle. This was probably my favorite job out of the entire game. It was fun to see how all the job bots reacted to all of my different actions. It definitely made me laugh the most. And finally a gourmet chef job where, well you’re just a cook. You can mix all different sorts of food to either make tasty masterpieces or disgusting garbage. You can play with the element of heat to cook or boil food. The entire tone across all of the jobs are complete satire and they will give you a good laugh. Watching the robots talk about what human life is like is probably the best part of the game, they are blunt and straight to the point. As someone who has worked in a retail like workplace, the situations in this game are so relatable. After completing all the jobs you are given an option to change the gravity, this is fun to mess with but I didn’t find myself using it. It’s an interesting feature to have but not worth using for more than a few minutes.

        Job Simulator does a great job in immersing you into the game but there are some faults in it and it’s mainly due to the tracking. First off the calibration system in this game has been the worst out of all the games I’ve played on Playstation VR. First you calibrate it in the beginning before you get planted into the game. But if you need to redo it, you need to quit out of the job you are in and press a button to get to the calibration settings. This is just a hassle, virtual reality is all about immersion and the fact that you can’t do it on the fly is just a shame. Even if it was done in the pause menu. It’d be quick and easy but the load times make it feel way too long. Even after calibrating there are still some issues, if you need to bend low to grab something the tracking will get all out of whack. If your hands are too close to your face it can block the lights on your headset and in the game your face will shake really fast and could cause motion sickness. After recalibrating it a bunch of times and moving the camera around, there are still some issues. Compared to the HTC Vive version, the Playstation VR version is much more inferior. Since the Vive has room scale you have more room to move around, but on the Playstation VR version is standing only you only have a small space to move in.  Also since the Playstation VR has a lower resolution screen, the game will be slightly blurrier on it.

        All in all Job Simulator is a fun game to play, with it’s humor alone it is one of my favorite VR games. It has some tracking flaws and a high price tag for what it is, but having it on both the Vive and Playstation VR I ended up enjoying it on both.