Joe’s Top 5 Games of 2016

For 2016 I played a lot of games which is rare for me. Because I am a picky gamer there is two types of games that catch my eye games that have a good multiplayer and a game that has an interesting story. So i narrowed down my games to five which I think is worthy of being called really good games for me. Hope you like and agree my picks:


5. Battlefield 1 

EA announcing that they are stepping away from modern and not touching futuristic since the negative outburst from the call of duty community. With a surprise and a gutsy move they went to the past and not just another World War 2 game, it was set in World War 1. So of course being a history buff that caught my interest real quick.  The thing that caught my eye in this game was the single player, it captures the intense battles these soldiers had back in World War 1. Even though the story itself was mediocre it did interest me to finish every chapter to feel what it was like in the hell of the battlefield.  It really goes over and beyond when the presentation is the meat of the game, the graphics were insanely good and the audio was scary excellent. Just seeing the environment of the battlefield in World War 1 it just looked like you were on a different planet like you traveled to hell. Lots of detail of the broken down towns and muddy fields at times I just stared at where I was standing which resulted me getting killed in the game. The audio where you had to listen to the hell that was being unleashed in war. At times hearing the mortars coming in you didn’t know if you were going to die or not. Or when you are hearing a whistle and a army of people screaming in front of you . It got you tense that a fury of violence will be coming at your grill and must get ready to shoot. That is the reason I give Battlefield 1 in the number five slot, the bread and butter of the series is the multiplayer but it was just another Battlefield game nothing earth shattering.

4. Gears of War 4 

Gears of War man what a franchise this was when it came out in 2006, Epic games known for their Unreal Tournament games it had a different feel. It was a third person cover system shooter which had tons of gore and a decent story of the coalition vs the locust. Gears of War 3 and Judgement, in my opinion the story was starting to get stale and was just being substituted by badass-ery. Gears of War 4, The Coalition revives the nostalgia of what the franchise had back when the Xbox 360 came out with back to basics game mechanics and interesting story. J.D Fenix, yep son of THE Marcus Fenix is awol from the COG and working with a rebel group. So much twists and turns happen where the story is keeping you on the edge of your seat. I hope you played all the Gears of War because one of them it is hinted in the cliff hanger ending, where it got me making a family tree. I have said too much please play this game the story itself will win you over if you are a die hard Gears fan. The weapons are interesting like always when you are shooting at enemies and seeing their heads explode when you get that satisfying head shot. The multiplayer is very familiar where it brings me back to 2006 running around with the shotty killing peeps. This game has brought me back into the franchise and can not wait for Gears of War 5, and that is why it makes the number four slot.

3. Overwatch  

The last addicting multiplayer game where I couldn’t wait to go home and turn on and play for hours. That was Call of Duty Modern Warfare, It felt right at the time where I can get into a match and just tear shit up. Me being a big Unreal Tournament fan, the speed was a big factor when I am killing enemies where I can come in and get the kill and jet out to my next kill. I think Modern Warfare had the right speed where it got my gaming blood tense to just play non stop matches. Overwatch was a left field game from a company who does mostly rpg or MMO games the company is Blizzard, Overwatch will be first person shooter team play game. This game is dangerously addicting to the point where you lose track of time when you are in matches. The heroes itself are interesting with their side stories in comics and video shorts, but the ultimate and their role in the game. You have to work as a team in this game there is no solo play in anyway, you have a role and you must play your role to become victorious. You don’t work as a team you will either barely win or drastically lose and have angry teammates. I think the graphics are perfect having that cartoon feel to it and with getting loot boxes to have victory poses and audio clips for your heroes are fun to get. This game will be played for the next 10 years when either Overwatch 2 or expansions of the first game. That is why Overwatch will take the number three spot.

2. Final Fantasy XV

Ten years we have waited for Square Enix to release this game to the point hearing about this game was becoming more of a mirage than a reality. So the question was it worth the wait, and yes it was astoundingly worth the wait. The boy band bonding you play with was cautiously interesting to where you didn’t care for them at first but when you progress the story. You see where their bond came from and you the player become a bother being on their journey. Now this is the game where the story did not get me over in making the list it was the game play. I thought the combat was very refreshing and different from past games. Even though I prefer turn based combat, this made me welcome the combat in my door. I liked doing the side quests because it didn’t feel like a chore it either felt intense or calm. Intense when hunting fighting monsters that were three times the size of you and your brothers. Calm when you have to fish and catch some fish for your side mission. The story was a weird roller coaster where it was a straight line and in the end it was crazy loops with some pauses to a point where it just dies out but except it because it makes sense. The story was not memorable at all it is just another Final Fantasy game, you have a love interest and you must get to him or her. What I liked about the game itself when getting to an ending it puts you on a linear path. I love linear path I don’t like games where its too open where I get lost and lose interest of finishing the end of it. At a point it makes you go to a path to where you will get your answers to progress. But like I said the game play of itself is where it sold it for me , where in my review I gave it a perfect 10. That is why I gave the number two slot to Final Fantasy XV

1.Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog at this moment is my favorite game developer ever. They really know how to tell a story from the Uncharted Series to the most amazing game ever made The Last of Us. Just great writing and acting is where the story makes you feel all the emotions all at once. This series is where from start to end it made you want to progress through each chapter to see how Nathan Drake was going to get out of a trap. Or when your friend in the story back stabs you just for them to back stab the enemy and be your friend again. I think one thing I thought would never happen to me in this series, because at first I was skeptical of this series. Because I am not a Tomb Raider nor a Indiana Jones fan , so the idea of hunting for treasure didn’t peek my interest. I did try Uncharted 1 I kind of liked it , but it came out during a time where Call of Duty was at its peek so I was always on Call of Duty. So when the Uncharted collection came out I binged through all three of them before Uncharted 4 came out. And boy o boy did I grow on this series, where I was cussing at my tv when scenes were happening like I was watching a TV show or a movie. Uncharted 4 , Nathan Drake is older and you still are learning about his past. You had an idea in Uncharted 3, but in four you get tons of more information where you meet your brother and you go back out hunting treasure with your brother because he got into trouble with bad people. The voice actors with Nolan North as Nathan Drake and Troy Baker as his brother Sam. That is the two top voice actors in the business and they sure do fucking deliver in this game. The story does really hit you in the feels because this puts an end into Nathan Drake’s chapter and you been with him all these years. So it was like being along the ride with the journey of hunting treasure. Game play I think is the weakest to the game, I just feel its very clunky compared to Last of Us. Even though they improved it from the other games I just never really liked it. But the story is what makes Uncharted 4 to take my number one game of 2016. 


These five games is what really caught my eye for 2016. Some games had heavy story influence and a couple the game mechanics is where it impressed me to make my Top five. What is your top five?