Senior Facebook/ Oculus Employee Arrested for Soliciting Sexually with a Minor

Dov Katz,  was arrested near Seattle for allegedly soliciting sex from an underage girl. Katz, who is the head of the computer vision at Oculus VR. So what happened was the police did a sting operation on a chat website and the officer posed as a 15 year old girl. The conversation went with the officer saying she is 19 years old to get his attention. Few messages later the officer posing as the girl, admits she is really 15 years old. Usually if you are normal you would say sorry I can’t talk like this with a child and exit the conversation. Dov Katz proceed the conversation and at some point he asked “how many times do you think you’ll make me ejaculate?”.

Katz, 38, has been charged with attempted commercial sexual abuse of a minor. He was arrested with $600 on hand at Embassy Suites hotel just south of Seattle. Because he arranged the meet up and was going to pay to have sex with the underage kid. According to the King County jail website, Katz was released on bail of $125,000:


This is not good PR for the Oculus and for Facebook. They put responsibility into a man who had the intent to have sex with a minor while being part of multi millionaire company. This will not change the hype for VR and the oculus but it does turn some heads to make sure their staff is not dabbling in this sickery. Here are the charging documents of Dov Katz: