Streamer Etika has the Nintendo Switch?

A youtube gaming streamer “Etika” who has a channel called EWNetwork. The channel contains gaming videos from all the spectrum of gaming but his favoritism lies with Nintendo. On stream he starts a rant on how donations and his fans are making him achieve stuff in the internet fame. That while he gets worked up on this rant , he falls off his chair and reaches on the floor where he comes back into frame holding a Nintendo Switch. Now people are speculating that it is a really good 3d print of the Switch, but reviewers have gotten consoles months before release. Etika has also taken a picture of the unite with the box it came with and wrote a time stamp in the picture and posted on twitter. But since this has blown up he has taken the photo off of his social media sites.


The picture that was deleted off of Etika’s twitter.   


Now in my opinion I think this is the real deal that he did get a review console sent to him. I think he made a terrible choice of showing it on stream to thousands of people. It is bad pr for him and also for Nintendo who hasn’t really gave any details about the machine since it was revealed via trailer.  Nintendo will most likely cut ties doing business with Etika because he probably broke ton of NDA rules. I am sure this will be a story for a couple of weeks on if this is real or not.  Will Nintendo send assassins because of this accident reveal? Only time will tell.