Sunday Secret Stash: Synchronicity












          • Plot really good to piece together
          • Writing is pretty good
          • Music is very Retro
          • Shots of the movie look like Blade Runner


          • B-Rated acting

          Directed: Jacob Gentry

          Written:  Jacob Gentry

          Stars: Chad McKnight  ,  Brianne Davis  , Michael Ironside

          Platforms to watch it: Blu Ray , Amazon Prime , and Netflix

          Lately I have been fascinated about the plot of time travel. Because in film it can be written badly where you get lost in the wormholes explaining the plot. But it can also be written really well where you as the viewer will piece together the events to see where everything started and where everything ended or looped again. So in Synchronicity the plot is about three scientist Jim Beale , Chuck , and Matty working on a time travel machine being funded by Klaus Meisner Corporation. The first scene is them sending a flower through a wormhole and seeing if the other side will respond by sending the flower back. They got the flower back but they also got someone back as well. The plot takes twists and turns on how this person came through the wormhole and if a female in this movie is being a double cross and stealing his project data. But overall the movie will keep your eyes peeled to the screen to see how Jim Beale deals with time and how valuable it is.



          The writing from Jacob Gentry is pretty good in this film. Its got tons of science talk about how there can be parallel universes or Time Relativity. The characters are also believable on how the scientists talk to each other like they are buddies and very good co workers. It also seems like they have been working on this project forever trying to perfect it. The talks between Abby and Jim have a strong connection where this is tension of love going back and forth. Dialogue and flow of the movie was on point and was believable. Even Klaus being the evil dick corporate rich guy everything he says makes you mad that he is being a dick to Jim.




          The shots in this film are pretty awesome because it has the old Blade Runner futuristic feel from the 80s. Each shot had a helicopter spotlight scanning the streets like it is a dystopian society. I guess with Klaus being a major corporation that maybe they are running the country somehow but they do not go into it. I really did like the 80s synth music which gave that futuristic feel to it and especially the intro music you hear when you start the film. The music had the roller coaster feel of emotions of when things were getting intense the music went hand and hand to it. But with all good things there has to be some flaws and the only flaw I have to say is the acting. These actors you do not see in top tiered movies they usually play in B-rated movies, so there were times where the delivery of the lines weren’t that great but it got covered up by the interesting plot.





          Overall I think this movie was great and watched it multiple times and as I write this review I finally pieced all the events and got a grasp of where everything started and ended but started again.