Telltale’s secret Marvel game revealed “unofficially”

So Telltale who has a showcase of nerdy properties like Game of Thrones, Batman , Walking Dead , and Borderlands. Got a hold of a new property that will make Marvel fans feel all happy about and with Volume 2 coming out May 5, 2017. It would be nice to have a game along with it too, you have guessed right the new Telltale game is going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy game.  Back in 2014-2015 telltale had mentioned a Marvel property being worked on as code named “Blue Harvest”. Many speculations that Blue Harvest was going to be a Star Wars title since now Star Wars is now under the belt of Marvel now. 


With the voice actor strike of the members of the SAG-AFTRA, as a negotiating tactic to strike a new deal with their contract they release a list of games that are being worked on. Among the list of games two of them stand out by the company of “O’Farrel Enterprises, LLC”. Those two games are “The Walking Dead : Season3” and “Guardians of the Galaxy : AKA Blue Harvest” with telltale games you know they need the voice actors because that is what makes the game stand out. This could be good releasing this list to get the Telltale and Marvel fans to band together to help the voice actors get their deal so that we can get our games. But will this tactic make progress in the contract negotiations so that we can get our games? Only time will tell.