The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets a Season Pass

Nintendo put out a video today where the producer of Breath of the Wild, Eiji Aonuma announced that they will be releasing an “expansion pass” for the game. Aonuma reassured fans that the land of Hyrule is more massive than any Zelda game has ever featured. For the first time in a main lined Legend of Zelda game, there will be downloadable content made available to expand the base game.

The season pass will be available to pre-purchase at launch and when you boot up the game for the first time there will be three exclusive treasure chests in the first area of Link’s adventure. One of which will contain a shirt with a Nintendo Switch logo and “two other will deliver useful items”.

Along with this there will be two other DLC packs coming, one in the summer and one holiday 2017.

The summer content will include a hard difficulty mode, a new feature for the in game map, as well as something called the Cave of Trials.

The holiday content includes more challenges, a new dungeon and a new original story.
These packs cannot be purchased separately, you need to buy them all at once. It releases alongside the game for both the Nintendo Switch and Wii U but you will be able to purchase it whenever you’d like if you do. The price of the pass will cost you a solid $20.

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