Uncharted Movie Has A Director

Earlier this year it was announced that Joe Carnahan was to write the script of the Uncharted movie. Carnahan’s past work includes writing The Grey, The A-Team (2010), as well as Smokin Aces. Last month he also sent out an exciting tweet:

Now according to Deadline they have found a director for the film, and it’s Shawn Levy. Shawn is currently directly and producing season two of Netflix Originals, Stranger Things. He also is worked on upcoming film, The Arrival, which is due out later this year. 

Uncharted’s new director, Shawn Levy

Uncharted is an extraordinary game series made by Naughty Dog. The final game of Nathan Drake’s story released this past May and was highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike. But the question still remains, do we really need an Uncharted movie? Do we really need any movies based on video games? With it’s failing track record I really wish this wasn’t happening but that being said, I hope this movie will be great. If the cast is good, writing on par and stays true to it’s original source material then I hope the it’ll prove me wrong. Until then, I will remain skeptical and I believe everyone should as well.