WestWorld : Should you watch it ?


Back in 1973, Michael Crichton’s vision of a theme park set in western culture where you can pay a fee to do shootouts, rob banks , screw prostitutes, and ride horses was set to life on the big screen. Now fast forward to 2016 Jonathan Nolan (Yes related to Christopher Nolan) and Lisa Joy goes to HBO to remake this awesome story bring it to life again with better writing and better technology of shooting film this day in age. Another thing that caught my attention is the nerd himself J.J Abrams is producing this show who has a good track record like LOST & 11.22.63 . So you can be guaranteed that the film crew is well put to be stellar from finish to end of filming and cutting. But lets get to the reason I am writing this article Should you watch WestWorld?


So what is the plot in Westworld? 

So the plot of the show is what really grabs me if I had to combine two things to describe what Westworld is Grand Theft Auto video game meets Disney World Theme park. So as a guest you buy your ticket to this theme park which their slogan is “We know you’ll enjoy your stay in ‘Westworld,’ the ultimate resort, where nothing, nothing can possibly go wrong.” With a slogan like that you can foreshadow that shit is going to go down. So Westworld it self has a setting of mountains , railroads , saloons , horses , and just anything you can think of in the 1600 to 1800s.  The attractions of this world is these robots who create the narratives of this resort they are programmed to communicate and interact with the guests. The robots are not aware of where they are and who they are. They believe they are that character living in that time living and breathing each moment in that time.  Unless you see from the viewers point of view when you see the robots restart from the beginning of the story like “a ride has restarted for its guests”.  So now why I compare Westworld to Grand Theft Auto is when you arrive at the resort you are welcomed by these guest relations robots giving an introduction of the the resort. When one of the characters ‘William’ is talking to this robot guest relations she bring him to the customization area of his costume of western clothing. That part reminds me of when you go to your house in Grand Theft Auto V where you customize your character’s look and clothing to fit the theme.  Dr. Robert Ford is the creator of Westworld you can tell he has a deep connection to his creation and his robots. He is always finding ways to make robots look and feel more human by how they move their face or wink and etc. He has a team who programs narratives for the guests and also has a team where they do some maintenance on the robots when there is glitches. So the plot how do you make a story at this theme park, well where things go wrong is these robots start to have dreams and visions maybe becoming ‘self aware’. There is a mystery on how to enter and leaving this WestWorld. There is a man in black going on a killing spree and living in this world for 30 years. With the visions of these robots they seem to have some human connection which is a mystery itself.  There is tons of mystery in this world where this show can be the next big thing like Game of Thrones.



What do I want to see in this series? 

Well there is so many questions I have with this show just by watching the first three episodes. Like how did Westworld start when this vision came from Dr. Ford. What year is it now outside of Westworld we get a hint that it is set in the future just based in the introduction stage of Westworld. Why is certain robots becoming self aware being triggered by words and seeing pictures that are shot in the future. Why did a room turn into a train ride to entering this world. See there is sooooo many concerns I have with certain scenes I saw in the three episodes and that is not even scratching the surface of questions that need to be answered through out the series.  I just hope a lot of backstory is told so I can have an idea on why the resort was created and where these robots and their origins come from. Because it is not just a movie it is a television series so we can get most of these questions answered and judging by the popularity of it we will get more than one season of this show. 

Why should I watch it?

Well first off let me say if you are a big scifi horror fanatic then this show will be down your alley. The star power is actually pretty surprising in this show when you have top dogs like Anthony Hopkins (Dr.Robert Ford)  and Ed Harris(Main in Black) in this show. You have  a decent supporting cast of Ben Barnes ( Logan) and Jimmi Simpson (William) with a interesting story in the plot. The cinematography of this show is awesome there times where I was like that shot looked beautiful or when I was like hey they shot that death scene pretty cool. I think the reason you should watch it is the story is going to suck you right in because it questions your moral and the mystery of theme park. What I meant by questioning your morals , is if you got a ticket to this resort would you go on rampage of killing these robots and have sex with the prostitutes. There is a lot of psychology that follows in this show where it makes you think a lot. I compare the mystery of the show like an onion where you keep peeling for the truth and each onion you peel there is more mystery. The writing is also excellent in this show because it puts the questions in the open for you where the programmers are questioning if the self awareness of the robots a glitch or they actually thinking on their own. So should you watch it, it is really up to you but when you have an all-star cast with an all-star production crew with a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. I would say yes, you should watch this show and see where the story leads you. 


Where and When can I watch Westworld?

Westworld is on Sundays at 9pm EST on HBO and HBO GO.