Why I’m Okay with Zelda’s Season Pass

Earlier today Nintendo announced a season pass like package called an “Expansion Pass”. The details of the pass are pictured below.


As most season pass announcements go, there was a jolt of backlash from fans of the series as well as people on the outside looking in. Sometimes there is a logical reasoning behind the backlash, there are some cases where they are not.

Obviously some season passes are not the most ethical. If you take a look at the way the Star Wars: Battlefront season pass was brought out it could have been done better. The game was lacking a ton of content upon release, which is not the case with Zelda.  

The number one reason why I’m okay with the season pass is that because you don’t need to buy it. It is not a mandatory DLC to enjoy the game. Breath of the Wild clearly has a ton of content in the $60 base game and this is for the fans who will eventually want more of it. You will be able play the entire game from start to finish and complete the main story the developers wanted you to experience. The world of Hyrule is quite expansive with a good amount of things to do. You will spend a ton of hours just exploring the map. If you don’t want to shell out the $20 for the new story or dungeon, you have every right to wait until this holiday or whenever you’d like.

Nintendo usually does good with their DLC’s. There were a ton of content for both Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U priced reasonably well, and this is no different. At $20, this season pass sounds like a solid price point. Although I do not care for the three treasures it gives you in the beginning, nor the hard mode in the summer content. But what makes me most excited is the new original story and new dungeon in the holiday content.

Everything will be okay, the world will not come to an end because Nintendo is releasing a season pass for more Zelda content post release. This will not make your experience with Breath of the Wild any better or any worse. The reason publishers keep doing season passes is because people are buying it. If you do not support season passes in general then vote with your wallet and don’t buy it.