X-23 Officially confirmed for Logan

Speculations were swirling about X-23 making an appearance in the final Hugh Jackman wolverine film. After days the Logan trailer was released, 20th Century Fox confirmed on Instagram  that actress Dafne Keen will be playing Laura.  Laura Kinney, is the name that X-23 later took in the comics. 


Dafne Keen playing Laura Kinney.

Little background on X-23, Her origins stem from a group attempting to replicate the Weapon X program, which gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton, but who decided to go in a different direction and attempt to clone Wolverine outright. The first 22 attempts at cloning Logan failed, which is where the young mutant received her code name after being the first success. X-23 is like Wolverine, with superhuman strength, reflexes, agility, and a healing factor. She has two claws on each hand rather than Logan’s three, but she also has a claw come out each of her feet. She is practically like Logan’s personality of being a loner but still helping out the X-men with picking up the mantle of Wolverine. 

Logan is coming to theaters March 3, 2017 with final film of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine with Professor Xavier being played by Sir Patrick Stewart.  Directed by James Mangold and scripted by David James Kelly. Here is the trailer of Logan :