You Wish You Could Podcast Episode 15 – Podcast City B*tch

Welcome to Podcast City B*tch! We’re breaking down the week in wrestling as well as the new WWE game “2k17” featuring cover star Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock LESNAR!! Also got some fun news as far as our partners at and we also have a “video game” themed trivia game on this weeks episode.


Previous Episodes-


Episode 14- Hunk Hunk Hunka Podcast Love

It’s our IC Title episode, and we’re talking everything from our favorite champions to our favorite matches. We also go over this week in wrestling and give our predictions on the upcoming SmackDown PPV “No Mercy”.


The pod of 1004 Holds!

We’re back for another episode, we’re breaking down Clash of Champions and seeing who came out on top with their picks. Also it’s our cruiserweight episode, so the high flying and death defying feats are limitless; that is in podcasting sense.


Our Glorious Return

Mike, Brian, and Perry are back BABY!!!!!! It’s our long awaited return to the squared circle of podcasting. We break down this weeks RAW & Smackdown episodes as well as give our predictions for Clash of Champions. Plus, our topic of the week is Top 10 Superstars of all time, and each list is different and more amazing then the next! Give a listen


You Wish You Could Express (We’ll Be Your Heroes)

Get your American flag zubaz and crack open a cold one. It’s the 4th of July special with a Full House of hosts. We’re going over this week of RAW as well as the going ons in the world of professional wrestling, then it’s all about America in our Patriotic discussion, plus a SURPRISE guest interview. You Don’t wanna miss this weeks episode of YWYC Podcast!!!!


Pipe Bomb

The go home episode before Money in the Bank, and Perry Jericho is in rare form. No one is safe from her torment as we break down RAW and give our predictions of the upcoming PPV. We also give our thoughts on our favorite and not so favorite MITB moments. You wish you were this damn good!


You don’t know why we’re here

Vacey is back and more infamous than ever. It’s the Monday Night Wars episode and find out all about the guys’ favorite and not so favorite moments of both RAW and Nitro in this action packed episode.


Hustle, Loyalty, and Record

The guys (and Perry) are back and they’re going over the Extreme Rules PPV as well as RAW. Also on the list is the sudden and unexpected release of Cody Rhodes from WWE. When YWYC is on the mic anything can happen, and it’s always entertaining.


Welcome to the Extreme

Mike, Brian and Perry break down RAW and give their predictions on the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. Plus, the first of the 3 contest words are given out. It’s an extreme episode for an extreme time of the year!


Nothing But Garbage

Mike, Brian, Vacey and newest member, Perry discuss this past weeks raw episode as well as their topic of the week “King of the Ring”. It’s an all out slugfest and anyone is on the chopping block; especially Shane and Stephanie McMahons relationship.


Oh You Didn’t Know?!

Infamous Mike Vacey joins the guys to give his stamp on the podcast. The guys go over everything from Payback, to RAW and even go in depth on the conditions of the recording “Studio”. It’s the tag team turmoil episode and everything is on the table when these 3 are in the room.


How You Doin’?

Brian and Mike are back with some choice words for certain people that call them “Repug”. The guys go in depth on the passing of Chyna and the void that it will leave on all wrestling fans, and they give their thoughts on the upcoming PPV Payback.


Here to Show the World

Brian and Mike are here to show the world that podcasting is only the fifth best thing they do. They break down WrestleMania and Takeover as well as give their thoughts on the future of WWE.